Basic steroid drugs

Introduction to anabolic steroids – review of resources

Methandienone (D-bol, Metanabol) – the best-known of oral steroids, is the selection of most beginners – it gives huge results in a short time. It is very toxic to the liver, increases water retention in the muscles, it is difficult to maintain the growths after the cycle.

Stanozolol (Winstrol) – is available in oral form and injections. It gives small gains of good quality muscle mass. It is often used when reducing body fat. It adds a lot of strength and improves endurance. It has relatively small side effects.

Turanabol (Tbol) – used to sharpen muscle definition – increases muscle hardness and strength. It causes low side effects.

Anapolon – is the strongest and most anabolic oral steroid, the most toxic to the liver and not only. It gives huge water retention, very fast increments and poor quality mass

Anavar (Oxan) – is one of the most harmless anabolic steroids. It supports fat burning processes and is used in cycles to define and increase strength without increasing muscle mass.

Halotestin – has more androgenic effects and very few anabolic. It is mainly used by MMA weightlifters and players, increases strength and aggression.

Primobolan – occurs in the oral version and in the injection version. It causes very mild and harmless side effects. It is used to cut muscles. It increases their hardness.

Testosterone enantan – occurs in injections. It is most often used as a basis for joining with other means. Used for both mass cycles and slices, depending on the diet used. It is characterized by quite large side effects.

Testosterone cypionate – works similarly to testosterone enanthate. The difference lies in the less frequent frequency of injections. It concentrates in the muscles a little less water

Testosterone blends (Sustanon, Omnadren) – are a mix of different testosterone esters. Most often used for mass cycles – it gives huge muscle growth in a fairly short time. It is often combined with other means.

Testosterone propionate – a fast acting / short testosterone ester used for dissection. Unlike the above, it works within 24 hours after the injection – making daily injections necessary.

Boldenon – used mainly for connection with other agents. Increases endurance, strength, blood supply and appetite.

Trenbolone Enantan – it is characterized by very high androgenic effects. used mainly for large, high quality muscle mass. Apparently increases aggression and helps burn fat. It is not a beginner’s steroid – it can cause powerful side effects.

Trenbolone Aceatan – as above, but it is characterized by very fast action, so injections should be made once every 1/2 days.

Masteron – improves the definition of muscles and increases their hardness.

Clenbuterol – It is not a steroid, but a drug having a thermogenic effect, making it ideal for burning fat. Very dangerous.